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September 2014

Cover news: Aga Khan Museum Opens in Toronto

Profile: the general director of the Gwangju Biennale Yongwoo Lee on this year’s 10th anniversary and rise of biennales in Asia. Alix Aymé, the forgotten painter of Indochina and the restoration of her murals in Luang Prabang. Wang Jianwei and Time Temple, the major new show at the Guggenheim this autumn. September sees the opening of the Heisei Chishinkan at Kyoto National Museum, we preview their spectacular new exhibition. Asia Week in New York: gallery shows, museum exhibitions and auction previews. Japan with the Passing Seasons at the Musée Cernuschi in Paris. Flight of the Dragon – the art of royal Vietnam in its final month at Musée Guimet in Paris. The Paris Biennale and Parcours de Mondes. East of the Wallace Line at Yale, Double Happiness at Peabody Essex and Japanese lacquer at Portland Japanese Garden. Fairs: Asian Art Fair in New York and Fine Art Asia in Hong Kong. Hong Kong auction previews. Gallery shows: Avatar, Jagannath Panda and Dashi Namadakov in London and Beyond the Jade Terrace, four female ink artists from China in Hong Kong. Islamic Arts Diary.

Flight of the Dragon: Art of Royal Vietnam
AS PART OF the France-Vietnam Year, the Guimet has been showing over the summer an exhibition of works that explore the art and influence of the dragon in Vietnam over the centuries. In Vietnam, the d...
Kyoto: Splendours of the Ancient Capital
FOLLOWING THE opening of the Heisei-kan (lit. Hall of Spreading Peace) that was built for special seasonal exhibitions at the Tokyo National Museum some years ago, a new Heisei Chishinkan (Hall of Dis...
Nam June Paik: Becoming Robot
THIS IS THE first major institutional exhibition of Nam June Paik’s work in New York in more than a decade. The exhibition explores the artist’s visionary use of new technologies, and the ...
Time Temple: Wang Jianwei
IT IS LATE afternoon in early spring in Beijing and the trees still carry the dust of a polluted winter. I have arrived early at Wang Jianwei’s studio on the very outskirts of the city; it is so...
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