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JUNE 2014

Cover news: Inaugural Noguchi Award for Japanese American Exchange

Profile: Pakistani print artist Fahd Burki. Interview with Chinese plein air painter Liu Xiaodong. Tokyo’s favourite shrines. The World Jewellery Museum in Seoul. The forgotten city of Bengal – Murshidabad. MF Husain’s paintings at the V&A, London. Japan’s private museum series: the Seikado Bunko in Tokyo. Medieval Marrakesh. The Takamasuzuka tumulus in Tokyo.  An exhibition on the Ming dynasty in Edinburgh. Walid Raad in Nimes. Gallery shows: Kan Yusada’s sculpture in New York; Golnaz Fathi in London and the photographs of Qin Yuhai in London. Indian Portraits exhibition at the Delhi Art Gallery. Iranian Paintings in Paris. London June fairs: Olympia, Art, Antiques London, Start and Masterpiece.  London Museums: Noda Tetsuya Diary Series at the British Museum and Living Shrines, Uyghur Manifestations of Faith, Saints and Islam at the Brunei Gallery, SOAS. Islamic Arts Diary. Listings.

MF Husain and Modernist Painting
MUQBOOL FIDA HUSAIN  (1915–2011) is frequently dubbed ‘the Picasso of India’. It is quite a title to live up to, but one that, when confronted with the myriad colours, textures,...
World Jewellery Museum in Seoul
IN THE HEART of the Northern Village of Seoul in Bukchon, South Korea resides a fascinating private museum displaying all that glitters within an innovative design space. This is the World Jewellery M...
Japan’s Private Museums: The Seikado Bunko
DURING THE LAST century, all the great art collectors in Japan faced wrenching decisions on how to preserve their treasures, accumulated through their lives with what had been very personal passion an...
Murshidabad: The forgotten capital of Bengal
A CITY OF silk and splendour, glory and decline – Murshidabad is the forgotten capital of Bengal. Eager to retell the city’s story, Indian book publishers, Marg, have recently published a ...
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