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March 2015

Cover news: Kipper Collection Donates to the Art Institute of Chicago

Profile: Etel Adnan, painter and philosopher. Ink and Gold: Art of the Kano, on show at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Marvels and Mirages of Orientalism, at the Montreal Museum of Arts. Nauras: The Many Arts of the Deccan, on show at the National Museum of New Delhi. Discovering Japanese Art: American Collectors at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Chinese Landscape Paintings: The Yuan Legacy at the Freer Gallery in Washington DC. The joys of drinking sake. Asia Week New York, our annual guide to the events, including gallery shows, auction previews, and museum exhibitions. This year we have updated and redesigned our map in an essential pull-out guide. Hong Kong Art Week, New York Asian Art Fair, and TEFAF.  Hong Kong spring auction previews. Listings. Islamic Arts Diary.

Buddhist Art of Myanmar
COMPRISING approximately 70 works from the 5th through the early 20th century, this is the first exhibition in the US devoted to the arts of ancient Burma. The works include objects of stone, bronze, ...
Ink and Gold: Art of the Kano
SPANNING FOUR centuries, the Kano school of painting is believed to have been one of the most influential artistic disciplines in Japan. The school, which flourished beneath the Tokugawa shogunate, wa...
Nauras: The Many Arts of the Deccan
THIS ECLECTIC but relatively neglected art of mediaeval southern India, which existed during a period of roughly 400 years (up to the 19th century,) is currently  found in an exhibition at the Na...
The Noble Arts of Saké-drinking
WHILE EXPLORING Japan’s traditional arts it does not take long to realise that the Tea-ceremony and its utensils are central; epitomising the expression of Zen ideals in every-day life and provi...
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