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February 2016

Cover news: National Palace Museum Opens New Museum in Taiwan

Profile: the artist Nabil Nahas. Yun-Fei Ji, the Chinese artist’s work from over the last decade is on show in New York state. Obituary: Hema Upadhyay, the Indian artist who explored India’s urban landscape. The collection of Nestorian crosses has been recently installed at UMAG in Hong Kong. Artist & Empire looks at the UK’s imperial past, at Tate Britain in London. Yang Yongliang, the Shanghai artist discusses art and film. Our annual guide to the museums and exhibitions on the West Coast of American in 2016. Gallery shows in New York and Birmingham, UK. Islamic Arts Diary.

Akbar's Golden Legacy
*/ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ Museum Rietberg, in Zurich, holds a large collection of Indian paintings and is one of the world’s leading institutions in the field...
Nestorian Crosses of the Yuan Dynasty
*/ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ The University Museum and Art Gallery (UMAG) of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) owns the world’s largest collection of Nestorian Crosses, ornaments wi...
The Empire Strikes Back
*/ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ The word ‘empire’ is a controversial one, in fact highly provocative, stirring up a hornet&rsquo...
Yun-Fei Ji: The Intimate Universe
*/ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ This exhibition at the Wellin Museum of Art in New York, by Beijing-born artist Yun-Fei Ji (b 1963) presents 44 scrolls, paintings and drawings created by the artist ov...
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