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February 2015

Cover news: 100 Years of Asian Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Profile: Asim Waqif, and installation artist from India. The All-Knowing Buddha: A Secret Guide, on show at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York. The Lost Dhow: A Discovery from the Maritime Silk Route at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto. The life and work of Miguel Covarrubias – Bali, Before and Beyond. February sees the publishing of our annual guide to museums on the west coast of America, including future exhibitions in 2015. Etal Adnan's paintings in Strasbourg and a group show of artists from Kazakhstan on show in Strasbourg. The Korean artist Park Chan-kyong has his first video show at Iniva in London. Listings and Islamic Arts Diary.

Asim Waqif
TODAY, FEW ARTISTS  rely on installation work as their primary means of expression, however, Asim Waqif (b. 1978 in India) is one of these rare artists. Besides working with installation, he also...
Life is a Legend: Contemporary Art from Kazakhstan
WE HAVE become used to seeing contemporary art from Kazakhstan and from other Central Asian countries in such events as biennials, but more rarely in galleries or museums. This makes it all the more r...
The All-Knowing Buddha
IN 1923, the Belgian missionary, Father Rafael Verbois then resident in Inner Mongolia, was offered 54 paintings by a monk at the imperial monastery of Wangzimiao in the former province of Jehol. More...
The Lost Dhow
IN 1998, an Arab dhow carrying goods from Tang-dynasty China was discovered in the Indian Ocean off Belitung Island, Indonesia. Dating from the 9th century, the shipwreck is the earliest Arab vessel o...
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