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October 2014

Cover news: International Auction Highs Achieved in Japan and India

Profile: the poet and painter Lo Ch’ing. National Treasures of Japan on show at Tokyo National Museum. The story of Chigusa, the 700-year-old Chinese tea storage jar. The new major exhibition at the British Museum, Ming: 50 years that changed the world. Serendipity Revealed: Sri Lankan contemporary art in London. Our annual guide to Asian Art in London, including gallery shows, auction previews, events, museum exhibition and other exhibitions around the UK. London fairs: Frieze Masters, Frieze London, and Olympia. China Mania! explores the history of Chinese export porcelain at the Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore, Japanese Buddhist textiles in Basel, Indian musical instruments in Zurich, and Japanese contemporary art in New York. Listings and Islamic Arts Diary.

Garden of Unearthly Delights
A MONSTER tsunami uproots a city. Modern tough guys lock samurai-style in battle. Candy-coloured streams of animals and flowers hyper-pixilate. These dramatic visual moments are among those to be enco...
MING: 50 years that changed China
AFTER REBEL leader Zhu Yuanzhang drove out the Mongols in 1368, he made his capital at Nanjing as the founding emperor, Hongwu (r.1368-1398) of the Ming (1368-1644) dynasty. Hongwu subsequently dispat...
Sculpted Sound
IN NOVEMBER 2013, the Museum Rietberg acquired a large collection of Indian stringed instruments from a private collector in Germany. The museum was able to purchase part of the collection using funds...
Serendipity Revealed: Sri Lankan Contemporary Art
“Now, in the aftermath of the war there is a period of silence. The sort of silence you get right after a period of intense noise. You could call that silence peace. But the noise, even though i...
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